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The next industrial revolution is underway. The use of data from connected devices is changing entire industries, not to mention the everyday life of billions of individuals and maybe even your very own business model. Improve your productivity and make the most of these new opportunities with Objenious.

Connecting Things

Objenious offers tailored support in the design and choice of all types of sensors to suit your specific needs. Benefit from a wide range of devices already supported by our network.


1-2 billion connected devices in France in 2020.

Collecting Data

LoRa is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) specification which is becoming the benchmark for the IoT. Based on its expertise as a network carrier, Bouygues Telecom is currently deploying its LoRa® network, which will cover the entire French territory by the end of the year.


180 industrial companies and network carriers have joined the LoRa® Alliance. Bouygues Telecom is one of its founding members.

Analyzing Data

We collect, host and provide a data processing and visualization platform to track, identify and analyze the relevant information from your connected devices.


An entirely modular solution suited to your needs.

Creating new services

The application part is the missing link in the IoT chain, which will play a vital role in the transformation of your business. We work together with specialized start-ups to create entirely new & innovative applications while offering end-to-end custom made services.


Since 2007, Bouygues Telecom Initiatives has been supporting the development and success of several start-ups specialized in IoT.

Join in and boost your business

Seize the new IOT opportunities that transgress all sectors & activities : agriculture, environment, energy & utilities, urban issues & administration, distribution, transport, banking & insurance, healthcare… Every business line is concerned.
Let’s invent together tomorrow’s business.